Product Pipeline

PAVmed is building a deep pipeline with products encompassing a broad spectrum of clinical areas possessing attractive regulatory pathways and market opportunities. Our current pipeline consists of five lead products that were invented by our leadership team and address unmet clinical needs with a collective market opportunity of over $4 billion. We are constantly expanding our pipeline of projects by advancing our conceptual phase projects through patent submission and early testing, and by partnering with innovative clinicians and academic medical centers using a collaboration model focused on licensing technologies for development and commercialization.

Self-Anchoring Short-Term Catheters                                                                       
Long-term Implantable Vascular Access Devices
Percutaneous Device to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                     
Highly Accurate Disposable Infusion Pumps                                                                       
Disposable Tissue Ablation Devices including Renal Denervation

These products are all in the development phase and have yet to receive regulatory approval.