PAVmed is a groundbreaking medical device company bringing innovative medical technologies from concept to commercialization with unprecedented speed and capital efficiency. PAVmed was founded and is led by three successful medical device entrepreneurs. Dr. Lishan Aklog and Dr. Brian deGuzman are prominent Harvard-trained cardiothoracic surgeons and leaders in medical device innovation. Michael Glennon is a medical device industry veteran and former senior executive at market leader in outsourced medical device manufacturing.

PAVmed is built on a disruptive business model conceived, deployed and refined by its principals. Over the past six years, this team has used its capital and time efficient model to build four successful medical device companies, Vortex Medical, Saphena Medical, Kaleidoscope Medical and Cruzar Medical, each funded with a modest single round of venture capital ($1.4 to $3.5 million). Their first company, Vortex Medical, commercialized its revolutionary AngioVac® a mere eighteen months after its inception and was eventually sold to Angiodynamics (NASDAQ:ANGO) for $55+ million. Saphena Medical has also commercialized its next generation endoscopic vessel harvesting device in eighteen months and is poised to capture significant market share and dramatically enhance its value. Kaleidoscope and Cruzar Medical are similarly moving rapidly to commercialization.

PAVmed's principals have now created PAVmed as a long-term vehicle, armed with permanent capital, to expand the impact of their model to a broader and deeper pipeline and accelerate value creation in the process. PAVmed is building a deep development pipeline with products with attractive regulatory pathways and market opportunities encompassing a broad spectrum of clinical areas including cardiovascular care, tissue ablation, medical infusions, hand surgery and laparoscopic surgery. It is further expanding its pipeline through engagements with clinician inventors and leading academic medical centers.