our company

Our mission is to improve patient care and save lives.

Our products enable patients’ preventative care, allow physicians to seamlessly track patients’ progress in the comfort of their own homes, and empower healthcare systems and physicians to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Vision

To build a growing and profitable, diversified medical technology company, as we seek to ensure clinicians have easy access to continuous health technology innovation.

Our Mission

Improve patient care and save lives through disruptive medical technology.

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our approach

Pioneering medical technology with a shared-services business model.

Our shared, enabling functions allow us to achieve economies of scale and rapidly deploy resources as needed across our businesses and products.


Our team & culture

A culture of action, audacity, and adaptiveness.

We are driven by a passion to help patients. Our passion leads us to be audacious and act with speed in innovating and delivering easy-to-use medical technology solutions that advance patient care.

We draw on the diversity of our experienced team and our extensive clinical and scientific expertise. Not surprisingly, the DNA of PAVmed shares important qualities with its founding surgeons, known for their decisiveness, action-oriented mindset, and adaptability when facing different situations.


Meet the leadership team

Our diverse and seasoned team of scientists, clinicians, engineers, communicators, and industry experts operate with a shared commitment to improving the lives of patients.

our story

A diversified medical technology company with an imperative to innovate.

PAVmed, a diversified medical technology company, was co-founded in 2014 by accomplished cardiothoracic surgeons Lishan Aklog, M.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAVmed; and Brian DeGuzman, M.D., Chief Compliance & Technology Officer of PAVmed; along with Michael Glennon, an experienced medical device executive.

The co-founders decided from the start that at PAVmed the imperative is to innovate. The company is not bound by any one sector when identifying and developing high-impact healthcare products because innovation comes in many different forms. The priority for PAVmed is developing and commercializing technologies that offer significant value to patients and healthcare systems.

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Join our team.

Experience our culture of innovation and collaboration. Join our innovative team, contribute to cutting-edge healthcare advancements, and be part of a dynamic workforce shaping the future of medical solutions.